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When it comes to driving instruction, you need a program that won't just teach you the basics, but will teach you everything you need to know! At A-1 Safety Driving School, our instruction team offers a comprehensive driving program that goes in-depth into all aspects of learning to drive. We put an emphasis on all of the traffic laws and codes of Northern Kentucky. We'll make sure you have the knowledge as well as the experience to become a safe and successful driver in Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties.

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Have any questions? Call Us Today! (859) 727-2353

Why Choose A-1 Safety Driving School

• We have been in business since 1947.

• Family owned and operated.

• Currently servicing BOONE, KENTON AND CAMPBELL Counties.

• Offer 6 instructors and counting.

• You may choose male or female driving instructors

• We have 5 vehicles and growing.

• Full 2 hour session

• We offer scheduling available via phone, text, email, facebook.

• Weekend availability for driving sessions

• We always return every phone call/message in a timely manner

• We are Rated A+ by BBB

• We are Rated #1 NKY driving School from Expertise for 2017 & 2018

Best Driving Schools in Cincinnati | 2017
Best Driving Schools in Cincinnati | 2018
A-1 Safety Driving School BBB Business Review


Registration will be available under our Price List Section.

You will need your Student Drivers Permit available to register.

I will reach out once I receive the notification your Students registration is completed, and I will reach out to schedule. *I suggest calling first, to know availability before purchasing.

Please note, scheduling is affected by multiple factors: The County, The Eligibility Date, State Required Logged Hour Completion, and of course The Current Driving Experience of the Student Driver. *Again, I suggest calling first, to know availability before purchasing.

Please keep in mind, the 6HR CERTIFIED DRIVING SCHOOL PROGRAM is geared towards those students who have been driving along the way.

*If you have zero to minimal driving experience you WILL need extra sessions with us.

Please call your Car Insurance Provider before purchasing the package for the Car Insurance Discount Certificate Benefit. *Not ALL Car Insurance Companies will accept it.

*This is a team effort! We expect students to get out there on the roads outside of our program to ensure they are getting as much experience as possible!!

This is KEY to becoming the safest driver at the end of the day and of course to pass the Road Test.

Please note, all Road Test scheduling will be taken care of by us and will be done through the KY State Police Website. This means Road Test dates and times may have to be altered depending on slot availability on the site itself.

Our Price List

Please take into consideration sessions will be first come first serve due to the high demand for our driving school.

give us a call or email us at regarding availability before purchasing to be sure you desired availability is met.

We only hold dates for 24hrs to register if scheduled over the phone or email first.

**please note there will be a small fee charged for anyone who requests a refund or request to cancel AFTER you have purchased.** we ARE charged by our scheduling program every time someone signs up.

if any eligibility date falls on or around a holiday, scheduling will be based off an instructor's availability at that time.

for any students with winter eligibility for road tests, please know we are waiting to book out for such sessions due to the potential covid19 protocols and due inclement weather. please reach out a month prior to your students winter month eligibility date.

Evaluation Session

This session is for Students with zero to minimal driving experience. We will start you in a parking lot and work your way up from there. Depending on each Student's learning style and experience level, they may not come out of a parking lot on the evaluation session. You will most likely need an extra one of these sessions and/or extra basic driving sessions. You wil need to get help outside of our program along the way to build your behind the wheel experience. Failure to do so, will mean more sessions with us at a continued additional cost. (2hrs)


Basic Driving Session

Please note, this session is geared towards Student Drivers who have AT LEAST 10-15 hours of driving time time prior to this session. If you are under this amount, you will not be ready for this type of session. *See Evaluation Session. This is a session where we take Student Drivers on City, Country, and Expressway Roads. We cover the Rules of the Road. We build their confidence. We work on certain weaknesses. We get them comfortable behind the wheel. *After a session begins, our instructors are able to gauge whether the student will be able to get on all 3 types of roads. (2hrs)


Test Prep Session

This session is where we take the Student Driver over to the designated course, depending on which County they received their permit and go through everything that will be on the Test itself. We cover the 4 maneuvers: Parallel Parking, 3PT-Turn (Turn-About), Overnight Park, Smooth Stop and Back. We issue Practice Road Tests. We provide Students tips what the examiners will look for and mark off on the actual road test. (2hrs)


Road Test Day

This is the actual Road Test Day. A-1 sets up driving test time and date for Student w/the KY State Police Website. Student driver will get 1hr of practice time prior to the test time. *Practice time has to be done in neighborhood due to DMV test course restrictions. Student driver uses A-1's vehicle for Road Test. (2hrs)


6 Hour Certified Driving School Program Package

This package includes The Basic Driving Session, Test Prep Session, and the Road Test Day. Upon completion of the 3 sessions, this will include the Car Insurance Discount Certificate only. Perfect for 16 & 17yr old Students who have been driving along the way!


We Do NOT Guarantee Passing the Road Test.
Have any questions? Call Us Today! (859) 727-2353

Once you've purchased, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to start scheduling.

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We are a Driving School dedicated to offering Top of the Line Safety Driving Sessions along with aiding in acquiring your Kentucky Driver’s License. We have highly qualified instructors with extensive experience in the sector as well as vehicles equipped with a Dual-Brake System and a Kill Switch.

How Our 6-Hour Certified Driving School Program Works!


1st session covers Basic Driving (2 Hours):

  • Building confidence behind the wheel.
  • City, Country, and Expressway driving.
  • Work on their weaknesses along the way.

2nd session covers Test Preparation (2 Hours):

  • We take you to the actual testing site (depending on which county the permit was from).
  • Teach you all the maneuvers that are covered on the driving test: Parallel Parking, 3-Pt. Turn/Turn About, Over-Night Park, Smooth Stop and Reverse.
  • Give tips of what the Examiner will look for and take off on the day of your Test.

3rd session is the Actual Testing Day (2 Hours):

  • We schedule the test for you with the DMV Office. *Please check your eligibility date clicking here:
  • You will use our vehicle for the Actual Road Test.
  • We will take you out for 1 hour before the test time to refresh all
  • Testing Maneuvers and then bring you to the testing starting site.
  • If you end up failing the Road Test within our 6hr Program, we OFFER a Retake Road Test if we are able to get you scheduled within a timely manner. Since we as well as the DMVs are always booking out, we cannot guarantee going with us for your Retake. You will ultimately have quicker luck getting in before we can get you back in.
  • Parents are NOT required to be present on testing day or at the course.
  • *You will receive a Certificate at the end of the 3rd/Final session, showing you’ve completed our driving training (6 hours) with our Certified Driving School Program. Which you can then take to you car insurance company to receive a discount. *Please call your car insurance company just to be sure that accept it, just to be safe.
  • *You can do a minimum of 1 session OR as many as you would prefer, but to receive the certificate for the car insurance discount, you must complete at least 6 hours with us.

Info on the 4 Hour Graduated Licensing Class (COMPLETELY SEPARATE FROM OUR PROGRAM)

  • Alive @ 25: FREE Defensive Driving Classroom Course (contact Kenton Co. DMV office to sign up) 844-253-5680
  • Evening Class @ Local High School: FREE (look for letter in mail from transportation dept.).
  • Online Course: $12.50

Our Office Hours

Monday: 9am - 5pm

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: 9am - 5pm

Friday: 9am - 12pm

At A-1 Safety Driving School in Northern Kentucky, we make sure that our driving instruction team is personally interested in the development of all of our students. From the moment you get into our car, we encourage them to achieve their best. In keeping with that commitment, we provide one-on-one training to each student. What sets our instructors apart? They are:

  • Trained to the highest standards – Certified Driving Instructors through the Kentucky State Police
  • Able to customize lessons to fit individual student needs
  • Highly professional and skilled
When you choose us, you are not just investing in us, you are making the best possible investment for your future behind the wheel, your safety, and the safety of others on the road!
A1 Safety Driving School